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Getting Started

If you're beginning your journey with Direktiv, there are two easy ways to do so. You can opt for a full installation or take the simpler route and use a Docker container that is fully equipped with everything required to get started - including a nested Kubernetes instance - or by utilizing a Multipass virtual machine setup.

Docker (Linux only)

The Docker image works on Linux only and can be used for easy development of flows on a local machine.

Running Docker Image
docker run --privileged -p 8080:80 -ti direktiv/direktiv-kube

Multipass (Linux, Mac, Windows)

For Windows and Mac users in particular there is a Multipass cloud-init script to set up a Direktiv instance for testing and development.

Running Multipass
multipass launch --cpus 4 --disk 20G --memory 6G --name direktiv --cloud-init


multipass does not work in a VPN. The VPN needs to be turned off for this example installation.

The development section has more details how to configure these instances and how to use them.