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Azure EventGrid

Goes through the process of setting up a storage account that listens for events on upload. Being that Azure uses native cloud events we won't need to run anything apart from the initial setup.


To follow along you will need access to the resource group you wish to setup in. This example includes the creation of a storage account but an existing one can be used.

Create a Storage Account & Container

Create a storage account under a resource group

az storage account create --name direktivstoragetest --resource-group trentis-direktiv-apps-test

Create a container under that storage account. You can get the --account-key by doing the following

az storage account keys list --account-name direktivstoragetest
az storage container create  --name direktiv-container --account-name direktivstorage100  --account-key ACCOUNT-KEY

Create an Event Subscription

webhook-request-callback sends option request

Create an event subscription attached to the storage account.

az eventgrid event-subscription create \
--name direktiv-event \
--source-resource-id=$(az storage account show --name direktivstoragetest --resource-group trentis-direktiv-apps-test --query id --output tsv) \
--endpoint= \
--endpoint-type=webhook --event-delivery-schema cloudeventschemav1_0 \
--delivery-attribute-mapping Authorization Static "Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN" true


id: listen-for-azure-event
description: Listen to a custom cloud event
  type: event
  state: helloworld
    type: Microsoft.Storage.BlobCreated
  - id: helloworld
    type: noop
    transform: 'jq({ result: . })'