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Direktiv CLI

Although developing flows with the web UI is easy, a command line tool can be used to make local flow development faster and more convenient. Direktiv's cli direktivctl is used for pushing and executing flows remotely. This enables the developer to stay in his development environment, e.g. Visual Studio Code.


The direktivctl is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms and is distributed as a tar.gz file with every new release of Direktiv. The asset can be downloaded and unpacked to get the direktiv-sync binary.

Linux Installation Example
curl -L | tar -xz && \
 sudo mv direktivctl /usr/local/bin

Setting up a Namespace

Working with the CLI assumes that you create a directory which is mirroring a namespace in Direktiv. This directory can be empty or can be a populated from a github clone command. The only requirement is that the namespace already exists.

Configuring the CLI-Tool

Connection information (address, token, and namespace) can be provided as arguments, but it is easier to use a configutration file. You can use the direktivctl tool to populate a cinfiguration like this:

# Use direktivctl to initialize a configuration file
direktivctl project-init --addr --namespace direktiv --profile dev

Or create a ~/.config/direktiv/.direktiv.profile.yaml file with the following file structure:

Example .direktiv.profile.yaml
  auth: "my-dev-api-token"
  namespace: direktiv
  auth: my-prod-api-token
  namespace: direktiv

After the creation of a configuration you must use the profile flag to to use a specific profile.

Pushing and Executing

After setup there are two commands available. The push command pushes a flow to Direktiv but does not execute it. This command works recursively e.g. direktivctl workflows push .. The exec command uploads and executes the flow. During execution the logs are printed to stdout.

CLI Examples
direktivctl workflows push myworkflow.yaml -P dev
direktivctl workflows push myfolder/ -P dev
direktivctl workflows exec mywf.yaml -P dev

Workflow Attributes

Based on naming convetion workflow attributes can be set as well. If the file starts with the characters as the flow direktivctl will assume it is a flow attribute and create it.


The above example will create a flow variable for the flow mywf.yaml.