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Variable Scopes

Variable Scopes on Github

Variable can be set on different scopes. Later in the flow they can be accessed within the same scope. The following scopes are available.

  • instance: Only valid during the execution of the flow
  • workflow: Stored as workflow variable and can be accessed from every intsance of the flow
  • namespace: Namespace global scope and every workflow in the namespace can access it

This example uses a setter state to set a variable in the instance scope. The second state set a workflow variable with the special output folder out in actions. Values can be stored in out/<SCOPE> and will be set after executing the action. The last state uses a transform to return the variables.

Set Variables
direktiv_api: workflow/v1

- id: bash
  image: direktiv/bash:dev
  type: knative-workflow


# Sets the variable in instance scope
- id: set-value
  type: setter
  - key: x
    scope: instance
    value: This is my value
  transition: set-value-fn

# Sets the variable in workflow scope with writing to the special "out" folder
- id: set-value-fn
  type: action
    function: bash
      - command: bash -c 'echo \"my fn value\" > out/workflow/y'
  transition: get-values

# fetch values
- id: get-values
  type: getter
  - key: x
    scope: instance
  - key: y
    scope: workflow
    my-x: jq(.var.x)
    my-y: jq(.var.y)