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Conditional State

Conditional State on Github

This example demonstrates the use of a switch state to conditional transition to different states based on a jq expression. To show this, the example below is a flow that either approves or rejects a loan depending on the provided credit score and required minimum credit score.

Simple Switch Statement
direktiv_api: workflow/v1

description: |
  Conditionally transition to states depending if input credit score is higher
  or lower than creditMinRequired.

  - id: validate-input
    type: validate
      type: object
      - creditScore
      - creditMinRequired
          type: number
          title: Minimum credit score
          description: minimum credit score required for approval 
          default: 500
          type: number
          description: credit score of user
          title: Credit Score
    transition: check-credit

    # Check if the user's threshold is above minimum credit requirements.
    # If credit score meets requirements transition to approve-loan. Otherwise
    # transition to reject-loan.
  - id: check-credit
    type: switch
    - condition: jq(.creditScore > .creditMinRequired)
      transition: approve-loan
    defaultTransition: reject-loan
  - id: reject-loan
    type: noop
    transform: 'jq({ "msg": "You have been rejected for this loan" })'
  - id: approve-loan
    type: noop
    transform: 'jq({ "msg": "You have been approved for this loan" })'
  "creditMinRequired": 500,
  "creditScore": 600
  "msg": "You have been approved for this loan"