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Noop State

- id: a
  type: noop


Often workflows need to do something that can be achieved using logic built into most state types. For example, to log something, or to transform the instance data by running a jq command. In many cases this can be done by an existing state within the workflow, but sometimes it's necessary to split it out into a separate state. The noop state exists for this purpose.

Parameter Description Type Required
type Identifies which kind of StateDefinition is being used. In this case it must be set to noop. string yes
id An identifier unique within the workflow to this one state. string yes
log If defined, the workflow will generate a log when it commences this state. See StateLogging. Structured JQ no
metadata If defined, updates the instance's metadata. See InstanceMetadata. Structured JQ no
transform If defined, modifies the instance's data upon completing the state logic. See StateTransforms. Structured JQ no
transition Identifies which state to transition to next, referring to the next state's unique id. If undefined, this state terminates the workflow. string no
catch Defines behaviour for handling of catchable errors. []ErrorCatchDefinition no