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Direktiv is a cloud-agnostic, serverless flow engine that capitalizes on microservices, containers and custom code to create efficient processes. Using Kubernetes and Knative under the hood, this platform empowers you with the scalability of modern cloud computing. Direktiv provides a set of YAML definitions to define how the data should be processed, allowing developers to quickly and efficiently write their own business logic.


Direktiv's event-driven system and container approach make it simple to link different systems. As a broker for multiple backends, Direktiv provides error handling, retries, logging and tracing capabilities to ensure seamless integration as well as greater visibility into the processes.


Direktiv simplifies the orchestration of APIs to create higher-level services that can be used by any organization, either externally or internally. This is made possible through a YAML-based flow description system which makes it easy and fast to customize flows as well as expand capabilities.


Streamline repetitive duties within your team or organization by e.g. moving scripts and playbooks into an easily accessible platform. Whether you need to automate Continuous Integration, Infrastructure Management, Onboarding tasks or something else that is currently done manually - automating these processes can be a major advantage. Use a single platform which multiple users in your team have access to.

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