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Special Command

Special Command on Github

Direktiv can provide a generic server on port 8080 for containers not providing one. An example could be a python container from Docker Hub. To avoid creating a custom container for Direktiv the cmd atttribute in functions can be used to let Direktiv know that a server is required.

This function uses the default python container and wit hthe cmd set Direktiv starts up a server. The container executes all functions under the data/commands/command section.

Python Function
direktiv_api: workflow/v1
- id: get
  image: python:3.13.0a3-bookworm
  type: knative-workflow
  cmd: /usr/share/direktiv/direktiv-cmd
- id: getter 
  type: action
    function: get
        - command: python3 -c "print('hello world')"

Additional Attributes for commands:

Attribute Description
stop Stops the excution of subsequent ocmmands if this command fails.
suppress_command Does not show the command executed in the logs for the instance
suppress_output Does not write stdout of the command to the logs