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Installing direktiv is a two-step process. The first part is to install Knative, the platform to execute Direktiv's serverless functions. The second part is installing and configuring Direktiv itself. If Linkerd is required it needs to be installed first before installing Knative and Direktiv.


Knative is an essential part of Direktiv. Although Knative provides YAML files for installation it is recommended to use the helm installation with Direktiv's Helm charts. It uses the correct Knative (> 0.25.0) version and comes pre-configured to work seamlessly with Direktiv.

helm repo add direktiv
helm install -n knative-serving --create-namespace knative direktiv/knative

For more configuration options click here.

For high availability both Kong ingress controllers, for internal and external services, need to be scaled up. The Helm chart values would be:

  replicaCount: 2
  replicaCount: 2


Firstly, create a direktiv.yaml file which contains all of the database connectivity and secret information created in the database setup:

  # -- database host
  host: "direktiv-ha.postgres.svc"
  # -- database port
  port: 5432
  # -- database user
  user: "direktiv"
  # -- database password
  password: "direktivdirektiv"
  # -- database name, auto created if it does not exist
  name: "direktiv"
  # -- sslmode for database
  sslmode: require

Using this direktiv.yaml configuration, deploy the direktiv helm chart:

kubectl create namespace direktiv-services-direktiv
helm install -f direktiv.yaml direktiv direktiv/direktiv

For more configuration options click here but the most important configuration values are the database settings which need to be identical to settings used during database setup.

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