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Installing Direktiv can be done with a simple helm install command. The only requirements for a basic installation is a PostgreSQL database and a kubernetes cluster. Direktiv has been tested with Kubernetes and PostgreSQL offerings of all major cloud providers.

kubetcl create ns direktiv-services-direktiv

helm repo add direktiv
helm install knative direktiv/knative

helm install -n direktiv --create-namespace direktiv direktiv/direktiv  

The following diagram shows a high-level architecture of Direktiv and the required and optional components.

Direktiv overview

Although a few simple helm command will install a working Direktiv instance there can be other requirements. The following list will explain how to install and configure the individual components. It is possible to deploy them in an order of choice but it is recommended to follow the suggested order listed below.

There is also a quick installation guide and a docker image for testing:

Run docker image

docker run --privileged -p 8080:80 -ti direktiv/direktiv-kube

The docker images has addtional environment variables which can add additional functionality:

  • APIKEY: Set an API key for the application
  • HTTPS_PROXY: Sets the HTTPS_PROXY environment variable
  • HTTP_PROXY: Sets the HTTP_PROXY environment variable
  • NO_PROXY: Sets the NO_PROXY environment variable
  • EVENTING: Enables Knative eventing
  • DEBUG: Prints k3s output to stdout


docker run -e APIKEY=123 --privileged -p 8080:80 -ti direktiv/direktiv-kube

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