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Update Workflow

Update the workflow with different YAML

URL: /api/namespaces/{namespace}/workflows/{workflow}

Method: PUT

Input Provide the input you want to change as yaml and the parameter for the namespace and workflow.

id: test7
description: A simple 'no-op' state that returns 'Hello world!
  - id: helloworld132321sd4fsd56f5sd4fsd5f4sdf
    type: noop
    transform: '{ result: "Hello world!" }'

Success Response

Code: 200 OK


  "uid": "f84f27c5-488c-46ef-85eb-673da6a37c35",
  "id": "test7",
  "revision": 11,
  "active": true,
  "createdAt": {
    "seconds": 1620598113,
    "nanos": 366473000

Error Response

Code: 400 Bad Request


    "Code": 400,
    "Message": "An error relating to the request"

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